Complex Return Type Information

>From IRC (typos and redundancies were fixed) -
[21:09] <PhistucK> There is a general problem - some properties return
complex types, like HTMLCollection (document.anchors, element.children,
more). We should show the members of these returned objects within the
property. Right?
[21:11] <PhistucK> Like dom/properties/anchors should include all of the
methods that HTMLCollection has, like "namedItem".
[21:11] <PhistucK> getElement(s)ByX should include all of the members that
NodeList has and so on.
[21:11] <fr0zenice> mhm dunno, if it's a complex type, maybe with it's own
methods and stuff, could be worth a separate article/subarticles
[21:12] <PhistucK> Of course, but we should draw the members from it in
every property that returns it
[21:14] <PhistucK> Just writing, "returns an HTMLCollection" is not very
informative. We do it for objects. Everything should be as self contained
as possible. We want to avoid unnecessary navigations, I guess.
Extraneous navigations are not helpful.

Any thoughts? other solutions?


Received on Saturday, 23 February 2013 19:20:08 UTC