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Yes! It's protected so only admins can edit it.


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Chris et al.

Is there something unusual about the main page? [1]  I'm trying to add edits
to the descriptions of the main sections, but I can't. I'm logged in, but
under "Edit," my only options are Upload file, History, View, and Refresh.




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I have worked through all the other dead links, and done the following, to
act as a short term band aid:

Here's what I have done with the main landing page links for now
(, and subpages):

"Beginner's guide": the beginner's guide material is currently going
nowhere, so for the moment I have replaced what was there with the old
beginners guide. It is not as good, but it does lead somewhere useful at
least. The new text has been stored temporarily in TEST:beginners. 

"General web concepts": I have created all the missing subpages for these
and populated them with the available articles for each category (previously
listed on

"HTML": no dead links, seems ok for now

"CSS": no dead links, seems ok for now

"Accessibility": no dead links, seems ok for now

"JavaScript": there were a few links going nowhere, and for now I have fixed
these like so:

	* "Regular expressions": pointed to
	* "Events": pointed to for
now, although this should really be moved to javascript/events, and fleshed
out. A lot.
	* "Language features": I've just pointed this to the "tutorials"
page for now, as I really think this shouild exist eventually, but for now,
the tutorials page covers some of this stuff

"Document Object Model": there were a few links going nowhere, and for now I
have fixed these like so:	

	* "DOM Learning material": I created a page for the tutorials, at, just so it linked to
	* "Language features" and "Objects": I deleted these for now, but we
can add them back in later on if they are needed.
"APIs" : I have passed this to Scott ;-)

Chris Mills
Opera Software,
W3C Fellow, web education and Author of "Practical CSS3:
Develop and Design" (

On 24 Jan 2013, at 13:36, Doug Schepers <> wrote:

> Hi, Scott-
> On 1/24/13 6:53 AM, Chris Mills wrote:
>> I think at the moment it would be good to just link to *something* 
>> rather than leave these links going nowhere. For the moment, can you 
>> just get these empty API categories linking to the landing pages for 
>> the APIs you have got finished or at least started? I see you've got 
>> a decent number in this state already.
>> In the meantime, I'll look at the others that we've got hanging, and 
>> work out some solutions for now.
> I agree with Chris here... anything at all is better than the confusing
current state. Several topics are already marked as complete (*), so let's
start there.
> My own priorities would be for stuff that is fairly mature and usable
across browsers today, with a further focus on general utility. Disregarding
the current status of the items, I would propose the following priorities:
> xhr
> canvas *
> geolocation
> indexeddb *
> file *
> websocket
> web-storage
> workers
> web-messaging
> appcache *
> audio-video *
> css-regions *
> timing
> webaudio *
> webrtc *
> Many of the ones that are already complete are aspirational at this point;
I'm a big fan of Web Audio API, but currently it only works in WebKit, and
it's still changing, for example.
> Regards-
> Doug

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