Seeking doc sprint stories

Hi all,

I was recently contacted by Sarah Maddox, who is looking for anecdotes, 
tips, or tidbits about doc sprints for a presentation she's doing at the 
annual conference of the Society for Technical Communication (in May). 
Sarah is a tech writer for Atlassian (makers of the Confluence wiki), 
and one of the early adopters of doc sprints. She has also written a 
book about using wikis for technical documentation 

Here are some questions she offered to spark thoughts. Feel free to 
branch off into something entirely different. If you've organized or 
participated in a WPD doc sprint, please share any thoughts about the 

How many doc sprints have you run?
How happy are you with the results?
How happy is your organisation with the results?
What was the feedback from the sprinters?
Did the doc sprint include only participants from within your 
organisation, or external participants too?
Do you have any tips for people wanting to run a doc sprint?
Do you have any tips for people wanting to attend a doc sprint?
Any funny or engaging stories?
Whatever you'd like to say.

You can reach Sarah directly at sarahmaddoxmail at gmail dot com. She'd 
like to get responses by the end of February.

Janet Swisher <>
Mozilla Developer Network <>
Technical Writer/Community Steward

Received on Wednesday, 20 February 2013 03:46:30 UTC