Re: Web Platform doc sprint 2/23 at Adobe (browser compatibility update)

Chris (and all):

My webplatform username is dougmay (not intuedge).

Here is the page I mostly worked on at the Nov '12 doc sprint at Adobe:

To recap, I saw this as an easy entry point for new participants.  I
edited it with the noob in mind, assuming no familiarity with the
project (filling in some of the stuff that the core team already knows
so well that they don't think about it).  The idea was that each doc
sprint would start with a list of high-value elements that were
missing this info, like a backlog that participants could pull from.
Anyone who didn't have a better idea of where to start could select
one, work through the process, and have an item checked off before
long, which would expose them to the key pieces of the process.  From
there, they could either iterate (pull another), or hopefully many
would feel emboldened to tackle a tougher challenge (for which we also
want a prioritized list of suggestions to pull from).  Also, items
checked off would follow the workflow into a queue for review, so that
some participants can contribute to consistency and accuracy.

The goal of having a graph/tree that maps out the whole intended
(webplatform doc) structure is that it would be easy to identify all
of the pieces needed, track status on them, and link to them from the
backlog, and then later report on how far along we are.

I still need to read your latest bit, Chris, but I assume that we can
have something in place for next weekend in Berlin, and then aim
toward a larger bump before SF.

Let me know some good times to talk.  I TA the Game Design classes at
College of Marin on Saturdays, but I'm otherwise flexible over the
next few days.  I hope to tackle a piece of this at a local Ruby hack
night on Monday.

Collaboration Architect

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