More docs for Pointer Events

Hi all,

I'm new to WPD community (and am still waiting on my list subscription to process!), but have been working these past few days with Doug and Rob Dolin to prepare Pointer Events docs in preparation for this week's W3Conf.

I created a set of new (unprefixed) reference pages for pointer events [1], and attempted to summarize and combine the relevant information from the latest version of the spec and the MS-prefix pages imported from MSDN. If these new pages seem suitable, I was thinking the best approach might be to mark the original MS-prefix pointer events pages as "Deletion Candidate". Does that sound okay?

Another question I had was if there is a standard way to somehow "group" together all of the pointer events-related docs? For now, I just added inter-wiki links to the related ref docs under the "See also" sections.

Any advice / feedback / corrections would be most welcome!

Erika Navara


Received on Wednesday, 20 February 2013 01:48:39 UTC