WPD Presentation at W3Conf

Hi, folks-

Janet Swisher and I are doing a joint presentation together at W3Conf, 
21-22 February, on Web Platform Docs and community documentation.

I'll focus on the WPD side of things, while Janet will focus on the 
broader community documentation aspect. I'd like to finalize our slides 
this week.

I'd love to have your thoughts on what we should focus on for the 
presentation, and even on how we should structure it. My thoughts were 
that we would open with an explanation on who started it, why we did, 
what need we saw, then do a little tour of the site, then talk about our 
areas of current focus (CSS properties and APIs); Janet would then take 
over and talk about the social aspects of the site, how we’re organized, 
the pillars and principles, the communication channels, and what the 
audience can do to help. We would end with a call to action to attend 
the Doc Sprint the day after the conference.

I'm open to any clever ideas you have; if you have idea or slides that 
went over well in Doc Sprints or other events where you've talked about 
WPD, that would be great. In particular, here are a couple of concrete 
things I'd be grateful for help with:

* A "tour path": I'd like to put together a quick tour of the site that 
is both representative and flattering, that shows off what we have done 
so far; parts of the site are still rough now, so I'd love to work with 
some of you to clean up some parts to make them highlight our aspirations

* Review of the slide deck (once it's more mature)


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