Re: Feedback from Berlin doc sprint

n Thursday, February 14, 2013 at 3:26 PM, Chris Mills wrote:
> 1. Some people want to just look at site compatibility info, or code examples. It would be nice to create the site in a way that people can search to just bring up site compat info or code examples, and not have to trawl through all the full reference pages.
Sounds like this is something the test resource center[1] might partially be able to address.
> 7. We are getting going on work towards getting site compat info out of the W3C test suites. and test contributor Rodney Rehm (who was at the doc sprint) says he would love to contribute to this. I can make contract with him about this.

Rodney reached out to me directly. We're far from ready to start actually working on this.

I'm also talking about this with the other Doug tomorrow during a conf call. Maybe Rodney would want to join it?



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