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[a11y-metadata-project] meeting Monday?

[a11y-metadata-project] meeting Monday? NO

[a11y-metadata-project] Re: clearing the logic...

[a11y-metadata-project] Re: accessibility proposal Review...

[a11y-metadata-project] accessibility proposal Review...

[a11y-metadata-project] test

[a11y-metadata-project] Video of Access for All demo

A request to set up some times for group conference calls to resolve the mediafeature/ accessmode issues for Accessibility Metadata

accessibility properties for

Author markup question

Best schema to use for services

Civic Services Schema - Andrew Clark

CreativeWork relationships

Error Incomplete microdata with

French translation

Help needed: EPUB 3.01 revision referencing a11y metadata spec

Implementing at a major academic publisher

ISO support for A11y Metadata proposal

Multiple identical schemas

Property pages are missing property name in title

Proposal: Audiobook

Proposal: Looking inside tables

Proposal: make more friendly for non-commercial usage

Review: ReviewBody or description? accessibility proposal Review... typo: "antagonym"

Semantically marking up a "checklist" or process

Setting up a conference call on accessibility metadata, especially accessMode/mediaFeature for Thursday, 9/26

SKOS for proposal for discussion

We want accessMode and mediaFeature functions Re: [a11y-metadata-project] accessibility proposal Review...

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