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> I can understand the desire to connect the audiobook and the print book
> which is being read. In most catalogs and databases they "connect"
> because they have the same author, title and subjects, so they are
> retrieved with the same query and may be merged in display (cf. Amazon
> displays). I'm not sure that the data that exists will lend itself to
> providing the information to support isBasedOnUrl. This becomes a
> question of goals, therefore: to provide properties for
> current data, or to make into a schema that allows new
> metadata to be created. I admit that at the moment I'm more interested
> in the former, since I see a first use case for schema to mark up
> existing data. I'm not seeing it as a metadata creation schema. Perhaps
> others are aiming at the latter?

To this point, it would be nice to be able to associate a CreativeWork
adapted from another CreativeWork, whether it is an audio book as an
adaptation of the text, a movie based on a book, or even a graphic novel
based on an original work.


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