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> Thank you for those responses, Jarno and Martin.  Jarno, unfortunately for some reason the links to your site did not open. Not sure why.
> Martin, thanks for those links and references.  I apologize if my questions seem "simple", but can a page be marked up with GoodRelations and not fear being soon outdated?  And will GoodRelations be around for a while or will it eventually be replaced by codes?  And can a page use both schemas and GoodRelations codes without any problems being deciphered by the search engines?
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The answer is simple: GoodRelations is now an integral part of and the new, more advanced model for e-commerce uses of
Technically, is just another syntax for GoodRelations, i.e. the conceptual model of GoodRelations is (almost) fully available from within the namespace.

If you use the more advanced e-commerce features of, you are de facto using GoodRelations, even without knowing.

Except for a few classes and properties, all conceptual elements from GoodRelations have been integrated into A few elements have slightly different names, as documented here

GoodRelations will remain an independent activity, but we will do our utmost to keep the official version of GoodRelations in sync with the version included in

For search engine purposes, GoodRelations can be used in both the original and the namespace. Ideally, it will not matter for the search engines which namespace you use. Currently, GoodRelations is understood by Google in RDFa in both the original and the namespace (to the degree Google supports RDFa correctly. In Microdata syntax, GoodRelations is currently only supported from the namespace.

From a Semantic Web perspective, one will be able to consume GoodRelations data from both namespaces (original and within in the same manner. For that purpose, the next service release of GoodRelations will include bidirectional mapping rules.

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