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On the topic of whether we need to have both hasAdaptation and isAdaptationof, I'd like to point out that another proposal just recently came into the proposal list for collections and it has both a hasPart and isPartOf.  This is directly analogous to our accessibility.  I believe that one of the issues that has today... pages can only say what they are part of, not that a collection can point to a set of content pages.  [Note that I am not trying to drag collections into the accessibility discussion: that's an LRMI interest... I am just pointing out analogous issues facing<>]

Also, I'll point out that I just started an issues tracker wiki page for the accessibility proposal.  I've not had a chance to edit the discussions down to salient points, and I know I am missing a few issues as well.  But, take a look at the list at and send me mail (either on the list or just privately) or even edit the wiki with the issues (just add issues... I'll do the consolidation of thoughts during the day today... I have a long flight from San Francisco to Chicago and will consolidate comments as I fly).  I also

Chuck Myers

Received on Sunday, 8 September 2013 16:14:31 UTC