Re: Help needed: EPUB 3.01 revision referencing a11y metadata spec

On Sep 8, 2013, at 6:23 PM, Dan Scott <>

> On Sat, Aug 31, 2013 at 11:14:59AM -0600, George Kerscher wrote:
>> Dear folks,
>> We need some help here. The proposal at:
>> Is under consideration by  the International Digital Publishing Forum
>> (IDPF)'s working group for inclusion in the EPUB 3.01 revision that is
>> quickly working towards ISO approval as a Technical Specification.
>> It would be terrific if this could reach a status in the next few weeks to
>> make it into this spec. EPUB 3 references HTML5 and other specifications
>> that are not full W3C recommendations, but a status of accepted public draft
>> or better is necessary for inclusion in the spec.
>> If somehow we could get the accessibility metadata spec to this state, I
>> would appreciate it.
>>> From my POV, having this type of metadata in the package file for each EPUB
>> 3 publication  would go a long, long way in promoting digital publications
>> that are accessible to persons with disabilities.
>> I have copied Gerardo and Matt with this request, who are in a better
>> position to answer technical questions.
> Going all the way back to a very basic question: to which Type(s) are
> these properties expected to be added? My guess is that the intention is
> CreativeWork, with the idea that they would be inherited by Movie, Book,
> MediaObject, etc, but with the exception of the mention of
> SoftwareApplication (which is actually currently a typo as
> "softwareApplication"), currently that information is missing from the
> proposal.

Yes, the target type is CreativeWork and its underlying types. SoftwareApplication is covered, but accessAPI and controlFlexibility are its only properties. 

Thanks for catching that typo.

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