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I believe there was a question about using multiple types in microformat 
markup which I can't find now, nor an answer. So in case I dreamed it 
all, I'll rephrase it here: can one use multiple types in a microformat 
markup, and could someone please provide a brief example?

Thank you,

On 9/26/13 5:46 AM, Vicki Tardif Holland wrote:
> On Thu, Sep 26, 2013 at 8:26 AM, Martin Hepp
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> <>> wrote:
>     Now, we can take at least two approaches for handling this:
>     1. We can use multiple supertypes, i.e. materialize a multiple
>     inheritance relation (e.g. make AudioBook a subtype of both
>     CreativeWorks and Product)
>     2. We can encourage the use of multiple types at markup time.
>     I strongly recommend option #2, because
>     - it waives the need to define relevant combinations ex ante,
>     - it avoids the irritating listing of properties that are not
>     relevant for most use cases, and
>     - it decouples the evolution of type combinations from the evolution
>     of the <> specification.
> Decoupling the evolution of type combinations from the evolution of the
> specification is an important point. If we have to serve all of the uses
> of AudioBook (or any other type) in its specification, we are going to
> end up with a tangle of multiple inheritance and/or duplicate properties
> which authors will not understand how to use.
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