Civic Services Schema - Andrew Clark

Hi Danbri

My name is Andrew Clark and I am currently looking  at the Civic 
Services proposal as a way of sharing information about disability 
services. I have a couple of questions / comments.

- How does the schema deal with Government out sourced services to NGOs. 
Is it possible to a field that relates to funding source for a service / 
channel type.  For example;

- Organisation Name - Hope Services

- Service Type - Respite Care

- Funding Source - X Government or X Funding program

The rational for this is many human services / programs within Australia 
are out sourced to NGOs. So to understand service need to understand 
primary  funding source for a particular service or program. Not 
necessarily the organisation which may have multiple funding sources.

-What linkages do you see this schema having the potential to link with 
other international data sets / models. For instance International 
Classification of Function (ICF) has health and disability models and 
definitions . ( At there 
highest level these classifications are potentially very helpful with 
service type / target population descriptors. For example Using ICF, 
service could be described as  providing -  Self Care Assistance

- How would I become more involved in more detailed discussion re this 
schema and associated wiki page

- Lastly what is process for schema moving from draft / proposal to 
accepted. It is unclear in documentation.


Andrew Clark

Received on Friday, 6 September 2013 17:00:29 UTC