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> In both cases, should be fine.
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> > Your keratin treatment...
> >
> > Is it a Product (customer applies themselves either a topical creme,
> mixture, etc.) ?
> >
> > Or is it a Service (customer walks into a clinic, or has a specialist
> arrive at their front door that treats them in-home) ?
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That is not a very good approach in my opinion...

If we equate "Keratin Treatment" with anything... it would be the
equivalent of "Plumbing Repair" ... or "A/C Repair" ... or "Plastic
Surgery... or "Hair Cutting"... the verb form (Service) that a Service
Provider actually provides...

But Martin is saying that should be used for
Services as well ?  "Plumbing" or "A/C Repair" or "Plastic Surgery"  is the
same idea as "Keratin Treatment".   To turn those into Products just feels
and looks very wrong. has the businessFunction property to hold the
"repair" but then ...
Where does the concept of "Plumbing" or specifically "Plumbing Repair" or
"A/C Repair" fall under a
or elsewhere ?

Even I do not see the correct correlation to a Service "Keratin Treatment"
 versus a specific Product like a "Blue stripped T-Shirt" at H&M, I will

Thoughts ?

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