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Hi Andrew,

I'm not Dan but your post is of interest to me too so I'll chime in - 
sorry I only just noticed it from last week. You mention a few other 
relevant pieces of work in this area. Can I draw your attention to one 
the European Commission has published - the Core Public Services 
Vocabulary, CPSV [1]

Many of the ideas in that are included in the proposal to but 
others aren't - at least, not for now. For example, public services 
usually operate according to a set of rules and service levels (if you 
apply for a driver's licence you should get a reply within X working 
days) or whatever. Those rules are usually an implementation mechanism 
for one or more piece of legislation. In the CPSV we call those concepts 
Rule and FormalFramework respectively.

In answer to your specific question, CPSV would use dcterms:type to link 
from the service to a those ICF terms expressed as a SKOS concept scheme 
(ideally one published by WHO).

How do you become more involved in the process? You're doing it. 
Discussion on this mailing list *is* the process :-)




On 06/09/2013 06:21, Andrew Clark wrote:
> Hi Danbri
> My name is Andrew Clark and I am currently looking  at the Civic
> Services proposal as a way of sharing information about disability
> services. I have a couple of questions / comments.
> - How does the schema deal with Government out sourced services to NGOs.
> Is it possible to a field that relates to funding source for a service /
> channel type.  For example;
> - Organisation Name - Hope Services
> - Service Type - Respite Care
> - Funding Source - X Government or X Funding program
> The rational for this is many human services / programs within Australia
> are out sourced to NGOs. So to understand service need to understand
> primary  funding source for a particular service or program. Not
> necessarily the organisation which may have multiple funding sources.
> -What linkages do you see this schema having the potential to link with
> other international data sets / models. For instance International
> Classification of Function (ICF) has health and disability models and
> definitions . ( At there
> highest level these classifications are potentially very helpful with
> service type / target population descriptors. For example Using ICF,
> service could be described as  providing -  Self Care Assistance
> - How would I become more involved in more detailed discussion re this
> schema and associated wiki page
> - Lastly what is process for schema moving from draft / proposal to
> accepted. It is unclear in documentation.
> Thanks
> Andrew Clark


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