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Two quick thoughts on a couple of items you raise Karen:

> Actually, audiobooks refer variously to "reader" "read by" "narrator"
> and "narrated by". There is a significant difference between reading
> every word (albeit with some actorly inflection and differentiation of
> voices) and "performing." I do wish there were someone here from the
> audiobook business, but I suspect that "performer" would not be seen as
> appropriate for audiobooks.

Perhaps - just as I think that it is a poor property to be used with many
Event types including SportsEvent, VisualArtsEvent, TheatreEvent,
EducationEvent.  I doubt that athletes, artists, actors or instructors
would think the "performer" property appropriate to them either.  If
"AudioBook" were constituted as a type had an item-specific property of
something like "narrator" I would argue for item-specific properties for
those types too.

> This becomes a
> question of goals, therefore: to provide properties for
> current data, or to make into a schema that allows new
> metadata to be created. I admit that at the moment I'm more interested
> in the former, since I see a first use case for schema to mark up
> existing data. I'm not seeing it as a metadata creation schema. Perhaps
> others are aiming at the latter?

An "isBasedOn" certainly falls in the former category for a new type
"AudioBook" since - as per Richard's example - that data (the book being
read) is ubiquitously present in audio book records.  I think there are
other extant use cases for this too.  For example, in IMDb you'll find a
heading "Original Literary Source" under which one or more literary works
upon which a film is based is listed, and it's anything but uncommon for a
classical music recording to list details about the piece performed (a Von
Karagan performance *or* recording of Beethoven's 9th Symphony isn't
Beethoven Opus 125, but a creative work derived from it).

On Thu, Sep 19, 2013 at 11:35 AM, Karen Coyle <> wrote:

> the only other newly proposed property is "abridged". There was discussion
> as to whether this would be simply a text element of "Book/edition" but
> again we felt that it was important enough to have its down property. It is
> proposed as a property on Book since textual books can also be abridged.
> The other necessary elements come from AudioObject, such as "duration".
> kc
> On 9/19/13 11:13 AM, Thad Guidry wrote:
>> Richard,
>> What other properties are needed for AudioBook other than just readBy ?
>> Is that all ?  nothing more ?  (think, think, think..)
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