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> We happen to have a few versions of Alice in Wonderland in Bookshare
> that have been indexed by Google's Custom Search Engine, so let's first
> search for a pure text version of it with no visual components:
> <
> -more:p:book-accessmode:visual more:p:book-name:alice in wonderland>
> If you inspect one of those titles using Yandex's webmaster tools or
> Google's rich snippets tool that lets me just plug in a URL parameter,
> we can see the accessibility microdata on that page:
> <>

Gerardo, I really appreciate seeing this example, and I will say 
something about that in a moment. But to begin, I looked at the various 
codings of media types in library data and see no conflicts with 
accessmode and mediafeature. In fact, I think that these could add some 
very useful information that library data does not contain in a terribly 
usable way.

I noted, however, the "adaptation" data, which looks like:


The "adaptations" here are what I would think of as alternate digital 
formats, and would fit into I agree 
with Chaals that directionality between these alternate formats is often 
difficult to determine. I am thinking of this in terms of eBooks, where 
many different formats are generated simultaneously. But what I don't 
know is whether there is significance to the directionality in the 
accessibility environment, so perhaps you can address that.

I also would prefer that the term "adaptation" not be used for changes 
in format/encoding, since in the academic and bibliographic world that 
term refers to changes in the *content* not the physical or digital format.


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