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2 edits made to the HTML5 spec

:hover and :active interaction with labels

[Bug 12578] New: The note says: "Omitting an element's start tag does not mean the element is not present; it is implied, but it is still there." 1.) Before the word "start tag" should be an "optional", because in many (or all) other cases omitting the start tag results i

[Bug 12580] New: This sentence is a comma splice

[Bug 12581] New: In the section about the time element it is stated that it does not need the datetime attribute set if its textContent is a valid date or time string. So the selector here in the rendering section, time[datetime], might mislead implementors to not apply a

[Bug 12582] New: unable to modify

[Bug 12583] New: (sx, sy), (sx+sw, sy), (sx+sw, sy+sh), (sx, sy+sh) -> should this not be (sx + sw - 1) etc?

[Bug 12584] New: outerHTML should probably merge with adjacent text nodes if applicable. IE seems to do this to some extent, and WebKit just changed to do it: <> This test shows behavior for outerText and outerHTML: <http://so

[Bug 12585] New: DOMTokenList itself should have .value, even if that means that there'd be two ways to change the classList of an element with a single string.

[Bug 12586] New: Suggest using Typed Array for ImageData pixels. Add a new 'buffer' attribute that references ArrayBuffer of the pixel data. Convert 'data' (CanvasPixelArray) to Uint8Array view of 'buffer'.

[Bug 12587] New: AT shouldn't see img@alt="" and img@role=presentation as 100% synonyms

[Bug 12588] New: thehat your comment is descriptive enough that the editor can understand it.

[Bug 12590] New: @role=presentation for IMG should also require that @title is empty

[Bug 12591] New: restrict img from taking @role=presentation whenever img provides link text

[Bug 12592] New: Spec should prohibit some MIME types (e.g. "text/xml") implemented by user agents as script languages, even if it could contain scripts, to not break documents which use them as data rather than scripts

[Bug 12594] New: The [MFREL] document does not currently contain the kind of information that is described to have. For example, there is no "status" information. Thus, it is impossible to say which keywords are allowed, though we might guess that keywords in the section

[Bug 12595] New: Fire suspend event when/if entire resource is loaded

[Bug 12596] New: Explicitly state that preload=none fires a suspend event

[Bug 12597] New: broken links

[Bug 12598] New: <video> Odd distinction between two kinds of network errors

[Bug 12600] New: In the ExclusiveTrackList object the unsigned long type is used for the selected indices. However, it's unclear if -1 is reserved to the no selection case (see non-normative box below). In this case, the type of the indices should be a signed long.

[Bug 12602] New: "<select><option>\n<option></select>" isn't a placeholder label option because its value is "\n", which is silly. We should strip spaces from the start and end in the definition of the option's label when it comes from textContent.

[Bug 12603] New: rendering section for <select>, the sentence that describes the rendering of <option>: the concept-option-label is in <code> instead of <span>.

[Bug 12604] New: Provide accessibility API details for Change Proposal for ISSUE-131

[Bug 12605] New: section, step 4: first sub-step deals with U+0020 space, so U+0020 and 0x20 can be removed from the subsequent points

[Bug 12606] New: x-www-form-urlencoded encoding algorithm should normalize single CR and LF characters

[Bug 12607] New: [HTML DOM][XMLHttpRequest object] Ass property so that: Do not follow location headers

[Bug 12608] New: <video> define exact order and state during the last progress event

[Bug 12609] New: Allow <ol>/<ul> to have <ol>/<ul> children

[Bug 12611] New: Missing info on track element

[Bug 12612] New: make rel value prohibitions in the spec and microformats wiki match

[Bug 12613] New: spec guidance on adding new link types to the microformats wiki page does not match the format of that wiki page

[Bug 12614] New: [diffs] list the mediagroup attribute

[Bug 12615] New: [diffs] list change for <video audio=muted> to <video muted>

[Bug 12616] New: [diffs] list the u element as being added

[Bug 12617] New: [diffs] list table border=1|"" as being made valid

[Bug 12618] New: [diffs] list meta Content-Language as having become non-conforming

[Bug 12619] New: [diffs] list summary attribute on table as having become non-conforming

[Bug 12620] New: 5MB isn't enough

[Bug 12623] New: Hello from Russia! :) I

[Bug 12624] New: Hello from Russia! I'm minihacker :)

[Bug 12625] New: Bug in WebIDL of HTMLElement

[Bug 12627] New: Why is this section called "real numbers" when everything inside the section uses the term "floating-point" instead? You should use "floating-point numbers" as the section name instead. (This use of "real number" is an affront to mathematics anyway. Wh

[Bug 12629] New: "the current value of the selectionEnd attribute as the first argument" -- You mean "second", not "first".

[Bug 12630] New: The formNoValidate property of HTMLButtonElement should be boolean instead of DOMString

[Bug 12631] New: Note the disadvantage of using only h1 + section

[Bug 12634] New: s/glpyh/glyph/

[Bug 12636] New: i can't see any errors. the page is taking forever to load, i'm getting hte spinning pinwheel (osx "beach ball") and scrolling vertically is slow as hell

[Bug 12638] New: make SVG files be embbeded by the IMG tag or maybe a SVG embed tag, thanks!

[Bug 12639] New: collection[index] = new Option() as setter is supported by all modern UA(ff, opera, webkit, IE). Holes are allowed as in JS array i.e. {select.options.length = 0; select.options[10] = new Option(); select.options.length // 11}

[Bug 12640] New: [diffs] list u element in "Changed elements" section

[Bug 12641] New: make dfn for "space characters" visible in the non-implementor view

[Bug 12642] New: The description of article element should say ”page or article”, not ”page or section”, as clause 4.4.10 clearly specifies that the scope is the nearest enclosing body or article element.

[Bug 12643] New: <video> change of fragment in media fragment URI consequences

[Bug 12644] New: Specify the initial selection state for textarea elements

[Bug 12646] New: 404 on view tests link

[Bug 12647] New: Explain why get and post are the only allowed methods here, esp. why put and delete are not allowed

[Bug 12648] New: Use of comments and space characters before DOCTYPE throws many versions of IE to Quirks Mode, so either they should be disallowed, or the note at the start of 11.1.1 should be modified. The note now claims that the inclusion of DOCTYPE "ensures that the

[Bug 12650] New: the last <p> tag in the example should be a closing </p> tag.

[Bug 12651] New: More things should set salvageable. Like XHR. See <> for relevant code in safari (thanks ap)

[Bug 12652] New: what does this do?

[Bug 12655] New: Suggestion: For <wbr/> tag, include an example of use of <wbr/> in "text-wrap: none" ("white-space: nowrap" or "white-space: pre") content

[Bug 12656] New: If a dt and dd are wrapped in a div, are they excluded from being a group in that dl? This statement is not clear with regards to this: "If a dl element contains non-whitespace text nodes, or elements other than dt and dd, then those elements or text node

[Bug 12658] New: "the x element" is normally given with x within <code>. Here it isn't.

[Bug 12659] New: The list is missing "input, select { display: inline-block; }", which is present in the CSS 2.1 stylesheet and supported by browsers.

[Bug 12662] New: Add a section with suggestions for the 'chapters' text track kind, demonstrating how nested time ranges can be used for hierarchical chapters.

[Bug 12663] New: [editiorial] aria-readonly is a property, not a state

[Bug 12664] New: Warn about the perils of registering event handlers after <video>

[Bug 12665] New: This definition seems slightly wrong; if you have a tree like (assume XML-style parsing) <select><optgroup><optgroup><option>foo[...] UAs give options.length = 1, not 0. Basically the algorithm is that you walk the subtree rooted at the select, include a

[Bug 12667] New: Setting doc.title in an SVG document doesn't (necessarily) throw

[Bug 12668] New: UA's *should* send HTTPS URLs to (secure) third-party sites registered as content handlers, as UAs *do* send Referer HTTP headers from secure sites to third-party sites, given that the third-party site is also secure.

[Bug 12669] New: New Attributes shouldn't list previously deprecated attributes

[Bug 12670] New: Missing <label form>

[Bug 12671] New: Missing dirname on textarea in the Elements Index

[Bug 12673] New: Hello this is a very valuable comment. Look! It has a lot oh characters about forms in general.

[Bug 12676] New: DATA_CLONE_ERR code mismatch

[Bug 12677] New: Should drop "The link types that contain no U+003A COLON characters (:), including all those defined in this specification, are ASCII case-insensitive values, and must be compared as such." since it's meaningless (nothing specifies anything about colons h

[Bug 12678] New: <link>: to avoid mistakes, we should make rel and itemprop mutually exclusive, and disallow rel on <link> outside <head> altogether.

[Bug 12679] New: In you argued that most HTML attributes don't use hyphen, so for consistency cross-origin should be crossorigin

[Bug 12680] New: Click on the "cross-origin" definition. The popup has status annotation boxes which overlaps the links.

[Bug 12681] New: <video> should not have force same-origin flag set by default. No browser does that and content is relying on cross-origin video to just work by now.

[Bug 12682] New: Value sanitization algorithm for e-mail state should strip leading and trailing white spaces

[Bug 12687] New: Constructing the form data set - for input type image

[Bug 12689] New: New Attributes section needs better structure

[Bug 12690] New: Changed Elements section is probably incomplete

[Bug 12691] New: Changed attributes is probably incomplete

[Bug 12692] New: s/Changed attributes/Changed Attributes/

[Bug 12693] New: APIs section is incomplete

[Bug 12694] New: Include an example for <select required>

[Bug 12695] New: Grandfather <link rel="shortcut icon">

[Bug 12696] New: Linkify all <code>s

[Bug 12697] New: Word omission: 'some *of* the infrastructure'

[Bug 12698] New: Don't have content model changes in Changed Elements

[Bug 12699] New: what is missign from name calculation?

[Bug 12700] New: review MSAA and UIA columns in elements table

[Bug 12701] New: review MSAA and UIA columns in atrributes table

[Bug 12702] New: no obvious mapping for figure and figcaption elements

[Bug 12703] New: Review/Modify/Add IA2 and ATK role mapping for elements

[Bug 12704] New: Review/Modify/Add IA2 and ATK role mapping for attributes

[Bug 12705] New: setTransform spec silent on what to do with singular matrices

[Bug 12707] New: popstate API still not fully updated for firefox API

[Bug 12708] New: @accesskey: Clarify what it needs in order to have effect

[Bug 12709] New: @accesskey: Require user agents to hide accesskeys on unfocusable elements

[Bug 12710] New: @accesskey: Authoring conformance - reliance on @tabindex et cetera

[Bug 12711] New: There is no statement about the SCOPE attribute on TD elements. As it is allowed in HTML 4.01 Strict, I would expect some statement about it, like "replace TD by TH for header cells". (Apparently the idea is that every cell be classified as data cell or a

[Bug 12712] New: help, i need somebody

[Bug 12713] New: Mapping microdata in RDF (section 5.2)

[Bug 12715] New: When used to include data blocks (as opposed to scripts), the data must be embedded inline

[Bug 12716] New: Porter duff names are confusing and currently not implemented consistently. Suggest using A*B + C*D formula. Where A,B,C,D can be Source, Destination, Source Alpha, DestAlpha, 0, 1, Inverse Source Alpha, Inverse Dest Alpha, and so on, similar to OpenGL/We

[Bug 12717] New: good content ffsfvcxcvxc vxx xv xcvx cvxcvxcvxvxvxcvxc xc xc vxc xcvx

[Bug 12718] New: Handling datetimes in microdata-to-RDF conversion

[Bug 12719] New: single quote in text string

[Bug 12721] New: doc.all note should reference ES5

[Bug 12723] New: The page freezes and don't respond.

[Bug 12724] New: Update WebIDL interfaces for non-nullable objects

[Bug 12725] New: Document should be on the Note-track

[Bug 12726] New: Document should be on the Note-track

[Bug 12727] New: Contradicts HTML5

[Bug 12728] New: This is not the proper WG for this document

[Bug 12729] New: "When the element is created, if the attribute is absent, the details should be hidden; if the attribute is absent, the details should be shown." Second "absent" should be "present", I think.

[Bug 12730] New: Suggestion: Codeblock element

[Bug 12735] New:'s replace parameter doesn't seem to be implemented in at least Gecko and WebKit

[Bug 12736] New: Clarify if the sizes attribute is valid without rel=icon

[Bug 12737] New: Please clarify the validity of "any" in the sizes attribute

[Bug 12739] New: "A scheme, such as ftp or sms". But "ftp" is not in the whitelist so that will not work so it's a bad example.

[Bug 12740] New: from script

[Bug 12741] New: Why has noscript no effect in XHTML syntax? Rationale would be nice.

[Bug 12742] New: Clarify if min, max, and friends have default values for the purpose of reflection

[Bug 12743] New: test test test test test test test test test test test

[Bug 12744] New: The crossdomain attribute named as such may prove an attractive talisman for copy-paste/cargocult authors, such that they start applying it on _any_ out of domain img regardless of CORS, especially when they see the no attribute string form <img crossdoma

[Bug 12774] New: onerror discrepencies

[Bug 12775] New: Suggestion for and iframes

[Bug 12777] New: New HTML5 'context' meta tag [suggestion]

[Bug 12778] New: add "paragraphs" pseudo selector in spec

[Bug 12779] New: Overload HTMLCollection.item() to support item(in DOMString name) - Implementations support it

[Bug 12780] New: min, max, low, high and optimum IDL attributes for the meter element should reflect the actual values (of min, max [...] respectively)

[Bug 12781] New: Allow "maxlength" attribute for number fields

[Bug 12782] New: Extra quotation mark after "table": reprocess those character tokens using the rules given in the "anything else" entry in the in table" insertion mode.

[Bug 12783] New: "character tokens that are not one of U+0009 CHARACTER TABULATION, U+000A LINE FEED (LF), U+000C FORM FEED (FF), U+000D CARRIAGE RETURN (CR), or U+0020 SPACE": you should use the "space characters" definition here

[Bug 12784] New: My dick is too big it frightens children.

[Bug 12785] New: Suppose the user had entered "" into this text field, and then started typing a second e-mail address starting with "a". The user agent might show both the two friends mentioned earlier, as well as the "astrophy" and "astronomy" values give

[Bug 12786] New: testing ok, fine

[Bug 12789] New: What is this?

[Bug 12790] New: Polyglot markup: WWW usecases + "alternative solutions that have been identified"

[Bug 12791] New: The maxlength attribute example

[Bug 12792] New: Publish the polyglot 'Sample Page' as 'application/xhtml+xml'

[Bug 12793] New: @scheme attribute conflicts with Dublin Core encoding scheme declarations

[Bug 12794] New: [video] Add a non-normative note on how to provide text alternatives for media elements

[Bug 12796] New: hi it is a littlbe bit confusing, can you please give it to me in a idffdfalksfj;asdljf

[Bug 12797] New: Define default maxlength for input

[Bug 12799] New: maxlength should come after max in color

[Bug 12800] New: Enhancement request for input element

[Bug 12802] New: ignore me (fixing the feedback form)

[Bug 12803] New: HTML 5

[Bug 12804] New: HTML5 Video Tag

[Bug 12806] New: I've been working with this and testing out the new "abilities" for a little while and haven't noted errors or uncooperative code outside of browser capabilities. I wish I were more helpful, like the bug tracker, but believe I've developed a good working

[Bug 12808] New: cookies ref should point to new RFC, not draft

[Bug 12809] New: Invalid examples using link and meta elements in the body

[Bug 12815] New: 令SELECT * FROM WebKitStickyNotes

[Bug 12817] New: The hr element (and others) Compliments for a great piece of work. However, one issue threatens to undermine the future of HTML5: wellformedness is not required. This may generally lead to ambiguity (did the author intentionally omit the closing tag?) and

[Bug 12818] New: оаврплр валрлрап овларплвкр лкрплоук

[Bug 12819] New: How do you decode this format on the server? There seems to be no definition of the format, apart from the definition of how to encode it. Expecting every implementer to reverse this algorithm seems prone to mistakes.

[Bug 12820] New: Hi guys, I am finding it frustrating that security features prevent me from writing a useful app in HTML5 that will run solely on the client machine. It seems that windows can talk to each other if their is a parent / child relationship - UNLESS you load

[Bug 12821] New: boy! This is so cool!

[Bug 12822] New: How would one use elements based on a XSD 1.1 schema?

[Bug 12824] New: This doesn't say how to serialize non-zero alpha values: how many digits should be used? The correct answer is the minimum number necessary so that the resulting string evaluates to the same floating-point number as you started with.

[Bug 12825] New: doesn't seem professional

[Bug 12826] New: Changes the transformation matrix to apply a scaling transformation with the given characteristics.

[Bug 12827] New: what's wrong ???

[Bug 12828] New: Client-side Master pages wanted eagerly

[Bug 12829] New: Missing name for argument of HTMLCanvasElement.toBlob

[Bug 12830] New: Section: Link types What happened to the rel="apple-touch-icon"? Where can I find the discussion on this? Up until yesterday, it was considered best practice to include this link and it is still used by smartphone and tablet devices. What is the recommend

[Bug 12831] New: File API interfaces should have <code>

[Bug 12832] New: File API interfaces want a code element

[Bug 12833] New: Per Section 508 Laws name="Language" content=""

[Bug 12834] New: Section: "The legend element" ( Wrong spec part: "Contexts in which this element can be used: As the first child of a fieldset element." This is bad and harmful requirement. LEGEND should be allowe

[Bug 12835] New: FIGCAPTION should be allowed to NOT be exactly first/last child of FIGURE ("The figcaption element" spec section)

[html-chairs] WG Decision: 6 Documents proceed to Last Call

[Media Element seeking: the asynchronous behaviour of steps 5-12]

[media] Minutes from the media sub-group teleconference May 4, 2011

Adaptive images

bugzilla a11y problems, comments list as alternative for bug entry

Call for Exclusions: HTML5, HTML+RDFa, HTML Microdata, HTML Canvas 2D Context

Call for implementation ideas

CfC: Publish three Working Drafts

Decision Policy work-in-progress update

device independent title attribute support in browsers and follow up question

DOM 3 Events Last Call Working Draft; deadline June 28

Extension link types and the wiki

Final decision on Issue-131

follow up on the discussion in HTML5 about metadata access

Fwd: Re

Fwd: W3C Invites Broad Review of HTML5 [Press Release]

General Questions on HTML5 Link Relations, Registries, etc.


HTML WG status report to the W3C AC meeting, May 16

HTML5 Licensing Preference Poll: Which license should be used for the W3C HTML5 specifications?

interface for providing public comments on last call working drafts

ISSUE-133 modal-attribute - Chairs Solicit Alternate Proposals or Counter-Proposals

ISSUE-134 tab-states - Chairs Solicit Alternate Proposals or Counter-Proposals

ISSUE-150 code-point-verbosity - Chairs Solicit Alternate Proposals or Counter-Proposals

ISSUE-153 link-external: Chairs Solicit Proposals

ISSUE-154 link-sidebar: Chairs Solicit Proposals

ISSUE-163 navigating-tracks: Chairs Solicit Change Proposals

ISSUE-164 no-hgroup: Chairs Solicit Change Proposals

ISSUE-30 longdesc - Chairs Solicit Alternate Proposals or Counter-Proposals

Last Call decision poll

Last Call timeline

longdesc spec text

New approach to HTML Media Capture

normative differences in ARIA requirements between HTML5 and the WHATWG spec



Request to Reconsider ISSUE-30 Decision

Request to Reconsider ISSUE-80 Decision

Responses to Last Call survey objections

Revert request for r6040, and moving forward on bug 11557

Revert request for r6052, moving forward on bug 11828 and issue 164

Revised Decision Policy for discussion

Summary of HTML WG license survey results

The plan for ISSUE-131 / bug 11239

tooltip listed under Don’t Use Unsupported iOS Technologies

Voting from members

W3C Invites Broad Review of HTML5 [Press Release]

WAI_PFWG Agrees to Conditional Support for LC Publication

Working Group Decision on ISSUE-131 caret-location-api

Working Group Decision on ISSUE-31 / ISSUE-80 validation survey - formal objection to the title being conforming

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