Re: Last Call decision poll

On May 17, 2011, at 3:02 PM, Paul Cotton wrote:

>> Why are we having a last call poll on a draft that isn't even published yet?
> The poll is to permit WG members to express their position on whether each candidate document should be moved to Last Call Working Draft status.  We have provided a link to each document for your review.  The documents are linked to in the poll itself and in the announcement message.

The links are to the editor's draft.  Even if there are no changes made
during the polling process, we know that there will be changes made
*after* the poll is complete and the dated links only work for
published drafts.  So the external links that I make to sections within
the document as part of my review will be short-lived and confusing
unless I go back and republish the review with updated links to the
new dated documents that are going to be published anyway regardless
of the WG last call decision.


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