The plan for ISSUE-131 / bug 11239

We have had two proposed diffs to resolve this issue:

1) Rich's diff, attached here: -- so far, no one has objected that the diff does not correctly implement the WG Decision on ISSUE-131.

2) Ian's diff, attached to -- this has had a series of revisions based on comments. The latest version still has some objections from Rich: <>.

Originally, our target to have all decisions applied was May 8th. While we expected ISSUE-152 to be the outlier, the fact that there remains a single outlier puts us roughly on track. However, only a few days remain. Therefore:

- If we reach consensus on a version of Ian's diff by May 8th, the Chairs will adopt it.
- The Chairs therefore encourage Ian to provide an update that addresses Rich's latest comments.
- If we hit May 8th, and Ian's diff still has objections on the basis of consistency with the WG decision and Rich's still does not, then we will go with the text Rich provided.

We encourage all parties to continue working together and to make sure there is adequate time for review and revision before the 8th.


Received on Tuesday, 3 May 2011 18:09:28 UTC