General Questions on HTML5 Link Relations, Registries, etc.

I'm doing some digging on Link Relations as it relates to HTML5 and
have a few questions for which I was not able to find answers in the
HTML5 draft.

First, I would like to make sure I understand the details of section (Other link types[1]) regarding Link Relations.  That
section lays out details on a set of Link Relation specifications. In
the "Effect on..." details I find three possible "types" of Link
- Hyperlink (e.g. "first", "next", etc)
- External Resource (e.g. "stylesheet", etc.)
- Annotation (e.g. "customer", "author", etc.)

Are my examples properly reflective of these "types"? I ask since
there is a (now deprecated?) document on the WHATWG wiki [2] that has
at least some of the examples I provided here marked as "See HTML5"
and I am not sure what that means. I also do not yet see any examples
of the "Annotation" type in the WHATWG list (or any others to date)
and am anxious to get one or more examples of that type for validation
of my understanding.

Finally, I currently know of four registries that contain some level
of Link Relation content:
Microformats - -
Dublink Core -

Are there others I have not listed here that should be considered?
Should these registries be viewed as a related? a co-operating group?
at odds with each other? From the HTML5 POV, should one or more list
be viewed as "sanctioned" or canonical while others should be viewed
as "rogue" or contrary to standards?

Any and all feedback would be appreciated.



#RESTFest 2010

Received on Wednesday, 18 May 2011 15:14:05 UTC