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Final decision on Issue-131

From: Paul Cotton <Paul.Cotton@microsoft.com>
Date: Tue, 10 May 2011 21:17:38 +0000
To: "public-html@w3.org" <public-html@w3.org>
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Background history on Issue-131 and basis for the Chairs' final decision on how we are to proceed on this issue:

We had a WG decision for Issue-131 which was posted on the 11th of April [1].  According to the prior agreed upon Last Call schedule [2] this WG decision was to be implemented by the 22nd of April.

There was some disagreement as to how to implement the WG decision.  Since Issue-152 finished early the Chairs agreed [3] to allow discussion on Issue-132 to proceed until May 8th [4] in the hopes that consensus could be reached.  Since that time two candidate diffs [5][6] have been produced.

It is now May 10th and we regret to report that consensus has not been achieved.  By the W3C Process [7] it now falls to the Chairs to record a decision where there is dissent so that the Working Group may make progress.

Given that both alternatives have received objections, the way the Chairs have decided to proceed is to treat any objection that was not presented during the period between the first call for change proposals [8] on the 18th of January and the closing of the survey [9] on the 31st of March as potential New Information [10].  Such New Information may result in the reopening of the WG decision during the Last Call period but was excluded from consideration by the Chairs on the matter of how to proceed with the choice between the two available diffs.

As we are unaware of any objections to the following diff that meets the above criteria, we have selected the following diff as the one to be applied:



1) We ask for this diff to be applied no later than the end of day on the Thu 12th of May.  If this diff is not applied by that time we will instruct W3C staff to make this change.

2) Once the diff is applied and verified we will close Issue-131.

Those that wish to provide New Information with an accompanying Change Proposal are welcome to do so once the above two steps are complete.  Be advised that if Issue-131 is reopened by the Chairs then it will be reopened as an issue to be resolved during Last Call.

3) We ask that bugs be entered for any remaining changes that have been discussed and further ask that any changes in response to those bugs be posted for discussion prior to being committed.  We encourage everybody who is interested in this topic to add themselves to the CC lists for such new bugs.


HTML WG co-chair

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