RE: Last Call decision poll

Sam Ruby wrote:
> I've posted my analysis of the results here:
> Anyone care to audit and verify my counts?
> - Sam Ruby

Hi Sam,

Thanks for posting this, I will double check the math as well, and report
if I note any issue. I note that you have extracted Member information
from the archives that was not expressly captured in the survey itself
(except when respondents specifically noted that they were answering
personally of in an official capacity as part of their commentary).

One point I wanted to be sure was clearly captured is that my personal
vote on the surveys was that of an Invited Expert and not on behalf of
Stanford University (where I am currently under contract) - lest there be
any confusion. While I am closely associated to my work here over the past
5 years, I am expressly disallowed (per my contract) to comment publicly
on behalf of the University.



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