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Q: A Solution for Multi-Identity Multi-Home HTTP Servers ? David Blustein (Friday, 29 September)

Beth Frank: Question about Host Andy Norman (Friday, 29 September)

HEAD request & HTTP-EQUIV meta tag Davide Musella (Friday, 29 September)

Question about the HTTP service. Harrie Hazewinkel (Friday, 29 September)

request-method POST Daniel Fink (Thursday, 28 September)

Status and Consensus on Host Roy Fielding (Wednesday, 27 September)

Re: draft-luotonen-http-url-byterange-00.txt Mark Brown (Wednesday, 27 September)

difference between URI and URL (was: Question) Danyel Ceccaldi (Wednesday, 27 September)

Where send comments to? Olin Lathrop, Cognivision, 508-392-0881 (Wednesday, 27 September)

Re: I-D ACTION:draft-kristol-http-state-info-01.txt, .ps Balint Nagy Endre (Wednesday, 27 September)

questions, clarifications on 301 and 302 responses Balint Nagy Endre (Wednesday, 27 September)

Question Harrie Hazewinkel (Wednesday, 27 September)

new State-Info draft available Dave Kristol (Tuesday, 26 September)

PUT Roger Gonzalez (Tuesday, 26 September)

Comments on ETRN draft Olin Lathrop, Cognivision, 508-392-0881 (Monday, 25 September)

http spec Nicolai Langfeldt (Monday, 25 September)

Persistent connections and error conditions Jeffrey Mogul (Friday, 22 September)

Host: vs. Orig-URI: w/ %% Larry Masinter (Friday, 22 September)

Re: domain-name? (fwd) Andy Norman (Friday, 22 September)

Keep-Alive: "Max" or "Maxreq"? Henrik Frystyk Nielsen (Friday, 22 September)

domain-name? Chris Schefler (Wednesday, 20 September)

Comments on HTTP/1.0 Draft 3 Jean-Philippe Martin-Flatin (Wednesday, 20 September)

Re: The Standards Process Roy Fielding (Monday, 18 September)

HTTP/1.0 Draft 3 defines both 0.9 and 1.0 ? Jean-Philippe Martin-Flatin (Friday, 15 September)

two more pending proposals Shel Kaphan (Thursday, 14 September)

WG last call on HTTP/1.0 Dave Raggett (Thursday, 14 September)

Content Codings Jean-Philippe Martin-Flatin (Thursday, 14 September)

Cache-control: max-age, uh, where? Larry Masinter (Thursday, 14 September)

The IETF process Roy Fielding (Wednesday, 13 September)

list of pending proposals Shel Kaphan (Wednesday, 13 September)

Persistent connections: aborting requests in progress. Jeffrey Mogul (Monday, 11 September)

Re: Problems with content negotiation (was: Re: Preemptive and reactive content negotiation) Daniel DuBois (Saturday, 9 September)

Problems with content negotiation (was: Re: Preemptive and reactive content negotiation) Koen Holtman (Saturday, 9 September)

RE: Expires: yesterday (was Re: Location Proposals) Paul Leach (Wednesday, 6 September)

I-D ACTION:draft-ietf-http-v10-spec-03.txt, .ps (Wednesday, 6 September)

Still trying to make sense of HTTP caching model Jeffrey Mogul (Tuesday, 5 September)

an idempotent idea (think it twice - see what happens) Shel Kaphan (Monday, 4 September)

Location, URI-header, etc. Shel Kaphan (Friday, 1 September)

What happened to Retry-After and 503? Chuck Shotton (Friday, 1 September)

Re: Browser Interpretation of Location: Header lilley (Friday, 1 September)

idempotent Shel Kaphan (Thursday, 31 August)

Location Proposals Shel Kaphan (Thursday, 31 August)

Idempotent (Wednesday, 30 August)

HTTP & WAIS Claudia Yolanda Sastre C. (Tuesday, 29 August)

Accept headers and media parameters Jim Seidman (Tuesday, 29 August)

questions -- clarifications requested Paul Leach (Tuesday, 29 August)

keepalive/lookahead Shel Kaphan (Tuesday, 29 August)

WWW I18N at Unicode Conference (Sept 14/15) Glenn Adams (Sunday, 27 August)

HEAD and 301/302/303 conflict? Paul Leach (Saturday, 26 August)

Looking for draft version of http 1.1 Hemal Wadhia (Thursday, 24 August)

Maurizio Codogno: Re: '205 Reset Document' (was Any more comments?) (Friday, 25 August)

Possible optimization to State-Info proposal Shel Kaphan (Friday, 25 August)

Suggestion: Partial file transfer. Dror Tirosh (Friday, 24 August)

I-D ACTION:draft-kristol-http-state-info-00.txt, .ps Dave Kristol (Thursday, 24 August)

Re: '205 Reset Document' (was Any more comments?) Marc Hedlund (Thursday, 24 August)

Re: Proposal: a PLAY or STREAM method for http/1.1 Dave Kristol (Thursday, 24 August)

Proposal: a PLAY or STREAM method for http/1.1 Yitzhak Birk (Thursday, 24 August)

Re: any more comments? ('204 No Content' clarification) Marc Hedlund (Wednesday, 23 August)

any more comments? Roy Fielding (Wednesday, 23 August)

updated State-Info proposal Dave Kristol (Wednesday, 23 August)

HTTP/1.2 stuff: try it out! Dave Kristol (Friday, 18 August)

planned obsolescence Dave Kristol (Friday, 18 August)

Transfer-Encoding: questions not answered Dave Kristol (Friday, 18 August)

realms, prompts, WWW-Authenticate Dave Kristol (Thursday, 17 August)

more If-Modified-Since Dave Kristol (Thursday, 17 August)

411 response code: clarification, please Dave Kristol (Wednesday, 16 August)

forged dates and other anti-cache practices Balint Nagy Endre (Wednesday, 16 August)

Is HTTP a better replacement for FTP ? Hadmut Danisch (Wednesday, 16 August)

multiple Content-Encoding Dave Kristol (Wednesday, 16 August)

Glossar: reload, refresh, no-cache Danyel Ceccaldi (Wednesday, 16 August)

If-Modified-Since and forged dated Balint Nagy Endre (Wednesday, 16 August)

Expires, Last-Modified, Pragma: no-cache etc. John Franks (Wednesday, 16 August)

I-D ACTION:draft-ietf-http-v10-spec-02.txt, .ps (Tuesday, 15 August)

Improving If-Modified-Since Lou Montulli (Tuesday, 15 August)

Expires head count Balint Nagy Endre (Monday, 14 August)

Re: HTTP/1.0 draft 02 Dave Kristol (Monday, 14 August)

Comment on http 1.0 draft 01: authentication and caching Koen Holtman (Saturday, 12 August)

"Hits" pragma Paul Burchard (Saturday, 12 August)

posts to both www-talk and http-wg Shel Kaphan (Friday, 11 August)

Re: UDP or TCP Paul Leach (Friday, 11 August)

HTTP version 1.0 or 1.1? Roy Fielding (Friday, 11 August)

Re: Non-persistent Cookie proposal Dave Kristol (Friday, 11 August)

Non-persistent Cookie proposal Koen Holtman (Friday, 11 August)

HTTP protocol requirements (was: Draft Minutes of HTTP Working Group, 33rd IETF Meeting, Stockholm) Paul Leach (Thursday, 10 August)

State-Info is too fragile... Bob Wyman (Thursday, 10 August)

Session-ID -> State-Info Dave Kristol (Thursday, 10 August)

Defn of Location in 200, 301, and 302 Roy Fielding (Wednesday, 9 August)

Session-ID proposal update Dave Kristol (Wednesday, 9 August)

more http-v10-spec-01 Dave Kristol (Wednesday, 9 August)

Re: HTTP/1.0 Internet-Draft 01 Available lilley (Wednesday, 9 August)

Server capabilities investigation Hadmut Danisch (Wednesday, 9 August)

help Nikhil Shirali (Wednesday, 9 August)

HTTP/1.0 Review Plan Roy Fielding (Wednesday, 9 August)

Negotiation in draft 01 Jim Seidman (Tuesday, 8 August)

Re: nits Roy Fielding (Tuesday, 8 August)

I-D ACTION:draft-ietf-http-v10-spec-01.txt, .ps (Tuesday, 8 August)

Keep Alives/Session Extension Daniel DuBois (Tuesday, 8 August)

reality check: HTTP comments Dave Kristol (Monday, 7 August)

Session-ID proposal Dave Kristol (Monday, 7 August)

HTTP/1.0 draft 01 (quick note) Roy Fielding (Friday, 4 August)

Event-driven document expiration Shel Kaphan (Thursday, 3 August)

Globalizing URIs Glenn Adams (Wednesday, 2 August)

(Secure) HTTP library API ? Hadmut Danisch (Tuesday, 1 August)

WWW Servers Comparison Chart, version 2.4 WWW server FAQ (Tuesday, 1 August)

Draft Minutes of HTTP Working Group, 33rd IETF Meeting, Stockholm Jim Gettys (Monday, 31 July)

The Case for Persistent-Connection HTTP, by Jeff Mogul. (Monday, 31 July)

(no subject) Phillip M. Hallam-Baker (Wednesday, 26 July)

Re: Content-Transfer-Encoding Phillip M. Hallam-Baker (Wednesday, 26 July)

Proposal: Checksum header or method Mordechai T. Abzug (Tuesday, 25 July)

Re: Content-Transfer-Encoding "packet" Dave Kristol (Monday, 24 July)

Content-Transfer-Encoding "packet" Roy Fielding (Sunday, 23 July)

406 None Acceptable Eric W. Sink (Thursday, 20 July)

Report: Problems with the Expires header. Koen Holtman (Thursday, 20 July)

Re: potential security holes in digest authorization Dave Kristol (Friday, 14 July)

potential security holes in digest authorization Brad Barber (Friday, 14 July)

Agenda Items for working group meeting Ted Hardie (Thursday, 13 July)

Stockholm IETF (Tuesday, 11 July)

WWW Servers Comparison Chart, version 2.3 WWW server FAQ (Saturday, 8 July)

Re: I-D ACTION: draft-luotonen-http-url-byterange-00.txt Larry Masinter (Thursday, 6 July)

draft-eastlake-internet-payment-00.txt Donald E. Eastlake 3rd (Thursday, 6 July)

I-D ACTION:draft-ietf-http-ses-ext-00.txt (Wednesday, 5 July)

HTTP Session Extension draft Alex Hopmann (Monday, 3 July)

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