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8.6 bug

8.6, solaris, glib build failure.

@media types

[Announcement] Amaya 8.6 Snapshot

[Bug] crash recovery not working

[Moderator Action] Amaya 8.6 failing to start -- solved

[Moderator Action] Span element nests unnecessarily

[www-amaya] <none>

A report of amaya_gtk-8.6-1

A small glitch in browser-part of Amaya...

Almost-certain CSS margin-bottom bug {1}

Almost-certain CSS margin-bottom Bug {2}, & Conclusion

Almost-certain CSS margin-bottom Bug {3}, & Post-conclusion

alt in text version

Amaya 8.5 and 8.6: (source: WIN_TtaSetToggleManu(1) Error 1401)

Amaya 8.6

amaya 8.6 and forms and css

Amaya 8.6 does not start

Amaya 8.6 failing to start -- solved

Amaya 8.6 under Windows 98

Amaya again failing for IRIs?

Amaya can only print once

Amaya crashes

Amaya crashes when editing amaya.css and browsing xhtml file

Amaya crashes...

Amaya eats memory on this page

Amaya for Mac

Amaya hangs in Windows me

Amaya ignores some iso8859-2 characters: gtk_set_locale problem?

Amaya in ARM

Amaya not working

amaya snapshot and checkboxes

Amaya support of older platforms

Annotations Adding Images Problem (fwd)

Annotations menus and help

Another wish-list item - a tweak to browsers docs-visited list

background image in amaya 8.6

bad rendering with amaya 8.6

BEWARE -- mail from irene is possible bogus

Browse & Edit Amaya image blocked by ZoneAlarm

bug - 8.6: Annotations menu missing stuff

bug in Anaya 8.5?

Bug Notice, Impact: minor

bug with adding languages

Bug: 8.6 Not running after installation

BUGs and Feature Requests

Bugs in dialogs Add/Remove IDs

Copy and paste

css parser detecting false errors

CSS problems: nowrap and vertical-align

CSS user interface improvements

Dialog consistency and improvements

Dialogs are not shown

Dialogs WebDAV Preferences

DocumentURL vs. Content-location

ease of use for those unfamiliar with html

Expat in Amaya

Explain item menu XHTML/Change Title?

File with extension .ptn?

Floating an image in an anchor

ftp/sftp and Amaya

Height of brackets in MathML mfenced element

hi. XHTML r Generator Opensource

How to Compile Amaya in Arm Cross Compiler


IFRAMES -- missing source

iframes -- respecting the height attribute

iframes and Amaya 8.6

internal table-of-contents section in an html document

Mac version? Re: [Announcement] Amaya 8.6 Snapshot

make errors in 8.5 and 8.6

martins page at w3.org

Mismatched Tag Error ......

Missing name space - 8.6

More CSS issues (tests attached)

Non-breaking space converted to space by Amaya 8.6

On Japanese Language Environment


parse errors detected by amaya but not jigsaw

PHP stuff freezing Amaya

Possibility of using alternate XML namespace?

Prefix chars for Keybindings

print preview option

Problem With Deleting Links ......

Problem with russian symbols

publishing with amaya

Russian charsets windows-1251 and KOI-8R

Saving source no longer updates browser view

Severe and very basic bugs showing up (tests attached)

site hangup

site that makes Amaya hang

snapshot amaya and windows 98 -- maximize not remembered

snapshot and double borders

Source View window misplaced

Span element nests unnecessarily

ssh tunnels Re: ftp/sftp and Amaya

still blank

TD percentile HEIGHT attribute bug

Thanks Re: bug - 8.6: Annotations menu missing stuff

Thanks, and result

The Amaya Overview Page


totally blank document

Translation needed

Translations needed

Use of PUT method with %20 in url

validating with amaya

very tiny horizontal scrolling

w3 pages render poorly in amaya

width calculation in tables

Windows XP SP2 error

Wrong XHTML encoding

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