Amaya 8.5 and 8.6: (source: WIN_TtaSetToggleManu(1) Error 1401)

Hello to all you good folk working on Amaya,
Just downloaded and installed amaya-WINXP-8.6.exe on my Compaq desktop
running MS2K v 5.00.2195 Service Pack 4.
On Amaya launch a pop up error containing: (source: WIN_TtaSetToggleManu(1)
Error 1401) is displayed. When "OK"'d the resource 
is actually successfully displayed. (Double)clicking on any of the links
produces the same error and behavior.
I then uninstalled v8.6 and downloaded/installed version 8.5 instead.
Unfortunately with the same results...
Your advise would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,

Received on Friday, 10 September 2004 06:57:48 UTC