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> Hi,
> Amaya uses Expat as XHTML parser.
> I like to know how to make only XHTML parser and Generator from Amaya ?
> Should i need to use the following languages -
> M language ,S language,P language,T language,A language.

If you want to only parse iso-8859-1 or utf-8 XHTML documents, expat is enough.
If you want to extend the number of supported scripts, if you want to display, 
edit and regenerate XHTML documents, yes you need the tholib, HTML.S, HTMLP.P, 
Amaya provides also a support for MathML, SVG, RDF, Annotations, Bookmarks.
This support is optional and can be easily  (except for MathML) removed with configure.

> kindly reply,
> chandrasekar
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