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The following is the opening paragraph on the Amaya Overview Page.

Amaya Overview
Amaya is a complete web browsing and authoring environment and comes 
equipped with a WYSIWYG style of interface, similar to that of the most 
popular commercial browsers. With such an interface, users do not need to 
know the HTML or CSS languages.

I think that the last line is really misleading for those who are
 investigating Amaya for the first time.  There is no way around not 
knowing what tags do what for a document prior to creating one.
 Amaya does not even use walk thru dialogs for setting up a document.

Amaya does many things well.  It guarantees that documents are valid
as created. It provides an immediate view of the look of the document.
It incorporates XML, SVG, and MathML editing and display...
But it definitely is not a (NEEDS NO HTML KNOWLEDGE) type
of editor. Those tend to be very superficial, limited in scope and 
expandability and are thrown away as soon as the author sees 
something better....  

My favorite type of editor is macro driven (ie one needs to know html)
with a way of calling a browser for viewing.

Some prefer the Drag and Drop approach of DreamWeaver et clones

Amaya is a distinct style of its own, menu driven but with validation
enforced  and  advanced languages. It is very effective in an
academic environment where elegance and correctness are stressed.

But PLEASE remove reforances to NO HTML skills required.  It does
the Amaya editor/browser a disservice.
john russell [those are L's as in LLAMA]

Received on Tuesday, 10 August 2004 14:53:00 UTC