Re: Windows XP SP2 error wrote:

>My system was upgraded to Windows XP SP2, and now I'm getting an error 
>when I open Amaya and when I try to click on any link in an HTML document.
>The error message is:
>(source: WIN_TtaSetToggleMenu(1) Error 1401)
>I'll watch for an update so I can resume using Amaya.

To Windows or to Amaya? Do Microsoft let you downgrade, because that is 
the most immediate solution? I would be reporting your error to 
Microsoft, and giving the Amaya team as a contact, for they may be able 
to add to your bug report, and show the code in question which is now 

I would hope the Amaya team place a higher priority on actual bugfixes 
and extensions than fooling around with a proven flaky operating system. 
At any rate, how do we know MS haven't deliberately sabotaged their 
operating system to promote sales of their web authoring solution? There 
certainly is precedent (Windows on DR DOS was broken to promote MS DOS.)



Received on Thursday, 12 August 2004 00:36:34 UTC