Re: Non-breaking space converted to space by Amaya 8.6

My error, it seems.

I looked a little closer, the non-breaking space is converted to the 
character 0xA0, not 0x20 as I first assumed. The two characters display 
the same, but 0xA0 is a non-breaking space in iso-8859-1. There is no 
way to see that in Amaya, though.

It might be a good idea if Amaya could be set not to convert character 
codes of that kind to specific characters in the selected character set. 
Although they will (hopefully) act the same in the browser, it makes it 
more difficult to edit the page later, especially in cases like this, 
where the displayed character is a space, regardless of whether it is a 
normal space (0x20) or a non-breaking space (0xA0). It could also create 
difficulties if someone wants to edit the source in a text editor at a 
later time.

Med venlig hilsen / Best regards / Mit freundlichen Gren
Christian Rbild / Christian Raebild

Received on Thursday, 12 August 2004 20:42:37 UTC