Amaya support of older platforms

The Amaya developers have made a wise choice to move to a 
cross-platform API rather than rolling-their-own. This way 
they can focus their resources on improving the product
rather than on making the product work on many obscure platforms...

I read the site which is well organized and 
their product seems very mature.  I suspect this summer 
is being used to learn the API and see how it can help
with the design of the next user interface (i smell font support !!)

In reading about wintel platform, they support SUBSETS back to
win3.1 ;-] ;-]   but complete for xp, nt and 2000.   win95 is missing
a few hooks and they say nothing about Win98 [my platform]
My question is will the Amaya team be supporting the Win98
platform if at all possible.  Have they noticed any missing hook that
is crucial to their next Amaya version...

wxwidgets does support a subset of hooks for motif  but i guess
something important is missing and hence a loss of amaya development
for that desktop. i hope this isnt going to happen to Win98!
john russell [those are L's as in LLAMA]

Received on Tuesday, 17 August 2004 14:47:46 UTC