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On Tue, 24 Aug 2004 15:12:09 +0900
Martin Duerst <> wrote:

> Dear Amaya team,
> There are many dialogs in Amaya, mostly for editing attributes
> and so on. These seem to be rather inconsistent.
> The best one in terms of usablity is the one used to create
> (or edit) a link. It comes with a 'confirm' button that is
> already selected, which allows extremely efficient input.
> For the 'name' attribute on <a>, there is an 'Apply' button
> and a 'Done' button. To actually have an effect, both of
> these buttons have to be clicked. This is unnecessary
> work. Adapting this (and others) to work the same way as
> the 'create link' dialog would be very helpful.
> Regards,    Martin.

Hi Martin,

Attribute dialogs are designed to let the user apply/remove the same
attribute value to/from a set of elements or pieces of text.
By example when the user wants to set a class attribute to a set of 
elements or words (this was a user's request).
That explains why all attribute dialogs provide an "Apply" button 
a "Remove" button and a "Done" button.
Apply and Remove have an effect, but they don't close the dialog. 
Done only closes the dialog.
When the user wants to set the attribute once like for the 'name' attribute 
on <a> it's effectively not extremely efficient.
Do you suggest to:
  - Change the term "Done" into "Close dialog"
  - Manage differently some attributes
    In that case what rule we'll apply to select these HTML, MathML, SVG, 
    and XML attributes.

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