Re: CSS user interface improvements

Charles McCathieNevile wrote:

 >>How hard is it to add an interface for specifying margins left right 
 >>top and bottom? (prefereably in em units not pt)
I find myself adding margins, specially left-margin, thru the Attributes 
=> Style menu.
In the meanwhile it would be *great* if the Attributes dialog had a MRU 
memory for the last <n> values entered with n rather big.

(about CSS interface)
Tne Open CSS dialog (menu Style => Open) has a couple usability 
glitches. First, it should show with my css file selected, instead of 
the default .../amaya/amaya.css.
And secondly, as is customary in Windows, double-clicking a file name 
should open that file without having to click the "confirm" button.

 >>Can we have a possiblity to save the style sheet of a page (save the
 >>contents of all style elements in a seperate document, and link it as
 >>a stylesheet).
Isn't this similar to the menu Style => Create rule dialog?
I'm not sure, but I think that this is not done: once one creates a rule 
all other instances should abide to the just created rule.
This menu item gives no feedback at all when incorrectly applied to a 
selection that as no style.

(more on CSS UI)
The STYLE.LST dialog (and all other dialogs, in fact) should close by 
keying Esc in Windows.

About <code>
Sometimes (quite frequently in my documents) the <code> element are 
shown as blocks instead of in-line. For example in
   <p>Es un <code>wwww</code>de la casa</p>
the "www" text is in a line by it's own. The applied styles show this:
   display: block;
which links to:
   TABLE {
     border-collapse: collapse;
Now, if I select "www", the status bar displays
   "Text \ code \ p \ body \ html". No tables.

Juan Lanus

Received on Monday, 27 September 2004 16:52:45 UTC