Re: Amaya crashes

Hello Julien,

I tested your file on Amaya 8.6 for XP and it didn't freeze. Could you please 
test the last snapshot. By the way, when you move your document to HTML 4.01 
strict, a popup is raised to inform you that some elemnents or attributes will 
be removed, and the source view is opened. Did you have this behaviour ?



> Hi,
> With Amaya 8.5 on Windows XP, I encounter a problem with the
> attached files.
> I open « test.htm », go to change document doctype to HTML 4.01 strict.
> Then I ask to view the source code (Ctrl U - Ctrl U).
> Amaya freezes.
> I do not understand what is happening.
> What does Amaya dislike in the page ? Anyway, it should not crash.
> Incidentally, the menu in CSS is not well rendered.
> Best regards,
> Julien

Received on Wednesday, 21 July 2004 11:54:45 UTC