Re: Amaya eats memory on this page

There are several problems here !!!

First of all, the code does not meet the recommendations ....
height element is not permitted in table, lines 8,11,28,190,193

Second the gradient image is bad in mozilla presentation.

Third, the gradient causes win98 to slow load and then destroys any
view from being displayed ....  image is not a large one  but need to 
repeat it seems to mess up amaya 

When I enter this URL into Amaya's address field:

Amaya allocates more and more memory until all virtual memory is exhausted
(1GB) and does not react when I click the stop button.

amaya_gtk-8.5-1 RPM, SuSE Linux 9.0.


john russell [those are L's as in LLAMA]

Received on Sunday, 15 August 2004 23:51:32 UTC