BUGs and Feature Requests

BUG Report: 
No reaction after opening a not well formed Document and trying to close all
windows (code view, error list) one by one

BUG Report: 
MathML Fences (<mfenced open="(" close=")">.</mfenced>) are viewed as '!'
and '#' or '=' and '>' instead of (the defined) fences

Feature Request:
Going back multiple steps at once in browsing history like in Internet

Feature Request:
Optional Multi-tabbed Window-Interface 
(One tab per Website instead of individual Windows; 2nd Row of Tabs for
different Views (Browser, Code, Tree))

Feature Request:
Experimental XFrames Support - because the (most) drawbacks of Frames
described in FAQ are gone

Feature Request:
Combine tree and code view in a Visual Studio like manner. This means [+]
and [-] buttons at the left for opening and closing nodes; highlighting of
end-tags while editing start-tags and reverse; auto-complete

Feature Request:
Use of Designs for the Program in Windows-UI

Support for "multi-target" xlinks

Received on Monday, 12 July 2004 03:47:45 UTC