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Dear all:

   I use Amaya 8.5 to browse a local xhtml file, but Amaya don't get the right css file, it uses the default css.
   What is the problem? What should I do to let Amaya get the local css file? 
In the function CheckCSSLink()

      /* Load that style sheet */
      attrType.AttrTypeNum = HTML_ATTR_HREF_;
      attr = TtaGetAttribute (el, attrType);
      if (attr &&
	  DocumentMeta[doc] && DocumentMeta[doc]->method != CE_MAKEBOOK)
	  length = TtaGetTextAttributeLength (attr);
	  buff = (char*)TtaGetMemory (length + 1);
	  TtaGiveTextAttributeValue (attr, buff, &length);
	  /* get the CSS URI in UTF-8 */
	  buff = ReallocUTF8String (buff, doc);
	  /* load the stylesheet file found here ! */
	  if (buff)
	      LoadStyleSheet (buff, doc, el, NULL, media, FALSE);
	      TtaFreeMemory (buff);

     the return value attr is null. So Amaya can't get the right css file.
   A lot of thanks! 

Best regards

Tony Tang

Received on Saturday, 28 August 2004 03:42:33 UTC