Use of PUT method with %20 in url


I've converted a file-based document management system
to one that uses a MySQL database and http with PUT
uploads. Amaya is the front-end. Things seem to work
except for:

Amaya 8.5 on Win98 and Amaya 7.1 on Debian Linux
(kernel 2.2.20), work with my PUT publishing PHP and
Perl scripts except that whenever I try to save to an
http:// url with %20 anywhere in it Amaya returns e.g.
"Failed to save to URL  Operation
completed with a -1 status code". Even when I reduce
the underlying PUT script to a simple, 1-line call to
a log file, I get this error.  Yet when I manually set
the incoming filename to one with "%20" in it, the PUT
script works fine so I think Amaya may have a bug.


A lesser issue that may be an Apache (1.3.29) config
or other problem is that when I try to save to
for example, neither the customapp.php nor the CGI PUT
script associated with that directory run. (Both
custumapp.php and the PUT script are activated and
work correctly in other circumstances.)  So I have to
manually remove the "/customapp.php" before trying to
save the file.

george herson

Received on Friday, 2 July 2004 20:12:25 UTC