ftp/sftp and Amaya

I have a problem; perhaps someone can give me a hint:

I use Amaya to compose/maintain xml and xhtml-texts for my lectures.
The files are at a university-server in Salzburg and I often maintain 
them from Vienna.
Because of spam, hacking and worse the Salzburg-server is very 
restrictive. I have only access from abroad by ssh and sftp and a firewall.

Therefore I am not able to work with these files directly from Amaya. I 
always have to download (sftp) the files, maintain them and then upload 
them back.

Of course I can use local emacs with macros for this task (over ssh), 
but the different views ... of Amaya are much more conveniant.

Is there any way to work directly with Amaya using sftp?

Kind regards

V. Risak

Received on Thursday, 15 July 2004 13:07:15 UTC