Re: Saving source no longer updates browser view

On Fri, 03 Sep 2004 09:06:26 +0900
Martin Duerst <> wrote:

> [this is for Amaya 8.5 on XP]
> When saving the source, Amaya no longer updates the browser view,
> nor the document behind the browser view. This is rather annoying,
> because it means that edits can easily be lost.
> To test: Open a document, open source, edit source, save source,
>           close source view, open source view again: edits are no
>           longer there.
> If the user is aware of the problem he/she can do a reload, but
> this may not always work, e.g. in the mirrored setup we have,
> the changes may not have got through. Although it is okay to
> use 'save' to trigger synchronization of the views, synchronization
> should happen automatically, and not via the server, but locally.
> Regards,   Martin.

These problems are solved in the 8.6 version.
Synchronization happens automatically when the author selects another
document or view and when he saves the document.

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