Re: Amaya for Mac

Hi Marion,

as one of the people who wrote the page on Amaya on the mac I should update
it. It  is now remarkably simple - installing fink is really straightforward
now, and using fink commander to install Amaya is also a one-step process.

I can't answer your question about a Mac-native build that doesn't require
fink, but if you do want to install it with fink, download the latest fink
binary, run fink commander, tell it to update itself, then tell it to install
amaya. (Each of those is a one-click exercise...)



On Thu, 12 Aug 2004, Marion Quint wrote:

>I was looking to install Amaya on my iBook, but it looks like I need to
>do tons of things first, that to be honest I'm not sure I can do.
>I've heard that a Mac Version of Amaya (running on its own, without
>fink) should be released sometine soon, like in September.
>Do you have any idea when it is going to be released to see if I can
>wait a little or if I reallly need to bother doing all this.
>Thank you,
>Marion QUINT
>601 W 22nd Ave
>tel: +1 (604) 708.0350

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