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Hi  :)

New to the list, very new to Amaya, so sorry if I say anything too 

I'm on Mac OSX 10.3.5, all updates current, and I installed Amaya today 
via Fink. I had to reinstall X11, because Fink had insisted on getting 
XDarwin last time I wanted something, and, according to the guys on the 
X11 forum, munged the two together. <ouch> Anyway, X11 is in and 

Amaya looks fine, displays all its bits and pieces, and the menus 
appear to function. The problem is, there is no display of existing 

I can type into the window, and the output is extremely small, and 
doesn't allow Unicode output, but both of those are covered in the FAQ. 
(Note: I would be happy to test Amaya for Unicode support as it 
develops: it was the need for a html editor that supports Unicode that 
brought me to try Amaya in the first place.)

When I open an existing html document, _or_ open any of the help 
sections, I get another window, but it is completely blank where text 
should be.

I've checked the color prefs, and it should be black on white (just in 
case...). No go. When I type, the text is black. I can't read the help 
because it's not displaying. The whole thing is very confusing.

So I have posted here. I really hope this isn't a dumb, needless 
question, but I read what documentation I could find, including the 
excellent install doc., and didn't find anything about this problem.

Thankyou for any response you are able to give.

from Clytie

Clytie Siddall, ở phố Renmark tại Miền Sông của Úc Nam

Received on Friday, 20 August 2004 05:10:11 UTC