[Announcement] Amaya 8.6 Snapshot

The Amaya team is proud to announce the Amaya 8.6 Snapshot

This is the opportunity to evaluate new progress in Amaya and the future User Interface based on wxWidgets:
 0 This new User Interface based on wxWidgets is only available on Unix platforms for the moment 
    and is not complete yet.

Other changes concern:
 0 Menu reorganization
 0 A new Insert time stamp entry in the XHTML menu lets authors insert a time stamp into documents
 0 Two new structure editing commands in the Edit menu:
    Insert allows the author to insert a place holder before the selected structure element
    Append allows the author to insert a place holder after the selected structure element
 0 The source view is now automatically synchronized with other document views when the selection changes.
 0 A larger default font zoom on Windows platforms.
 0 Amaya creates temporary files into its own working space and no longer into the system temporary directory.
 0 Amaya defines its own GTK configuration file.
 0 Several reported bugs are also fixed.

  Binaries (Linux, Windows NT/2000/XP), Debian and RPM 
  packages are available at:

  Sources are available at:

  For more details see:

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