Amaya ignores some iso8859-2 characters: gtk_set_locale problem?


   I cannot enter some accented Czech characters (iso8859-2 encoding) 
into Amaya 8.5 for Linux (e.g. into the url bar) - they're just ignored. 
I believe it has something to do with gtk_set_locale, because I had 
exactly the same problem in my simple GTK 1.x application until I called 
gtk_set_locale() before gtk_init.

   In Amaya source there is a call to gtk_set_locale 
(thotlib/dialogue/interface.c,func. TtaMainLoop) but I don't know 
whether it's called before gtk_init as necessary. Anyway, there's an 
important difference between Amaya and my simple app.: if I call 
gtk_set_locale in the app., my local ~/.gtkrc is ignored and /etc/gtk/ 
gtkrc.iso-8859-2 is used instead. But Amaya evidently uses my ~/.gtkrc 
and moreover, according to `strace amaya`, it never opens the 
gtkrc.iso-8859-2 file. So I conlcude there's something wrong with locale 

   By the way, Amaya 8.6 is the same except for the wxWidget GUI which 
works just fine with Czech (because it uses GTK2 whose gtk_init calles 
gtk_set_locale by default?).

Thanks for any help!

                     Jakub Holy

ICQ:    98180462

Received on Monday, 27 September 2004 07:58:21 UTC