Re: Severe and very basic bugs showing up (tests attached)

Hi Stanton,

I see no error in the Amaya interpretation.

On Mon, 27 Sep 2004 03:13:41 -0700
Stanton McCandlish <> wrote:

> 2) The next glaring bug is Amaya's utterly inconsistent bordering
> around viewable/usable part of the page/window (the "canvas").  In the
> attached examples (TEST.html or any of the others) you can see that
> that the ENTIRE content of the page consists of a single BORDER="0"
> table.  But Amaya can't seem to decide what to do with the edges of the
> page.  The top of the canvas has no margin (border consisting of
> whitespace) whatsoever.  The left side has not just a margin, but a
> rather large one.  From a design standpoint, Amaya forcing this useless
> whitespace there would drive me crazy.  Even worse goes for the bottom
> when you put enough content in the central content cell to force
> vertical scrolling (that's the purpose of all the "Here's some dummy
> text..." content in the test pages).  Why is that BIG whitespace
> appearing at the bottom if I didn't tell the user agent to put it
> there?!  The right-hand side (once you are forced to scroll over to it
> by bug #1!), like the top, has no border (as it shouldn't since I
> didn't tell it to have one).  Also, please note that the whitespace at
> left and bottom are NOT part of the table or any other content on this
> page, it is being created out of thin air by Amaya.

Sorry Stanton, I see no error in the Amaya interpretation.
You see a big whitespace at the bottom when the html element is shorter than
the window.

> The HTML specs do not mandate anything in this regard, as far as I
> recall (though CSS certainly does, by allowing stylesheets to dispense
> with borders entirely in graphical user agents if the stylesheet author
> tells them to), but regardless, this "let's just be totally random and
> inconsistent about borders" behavior of Amaya is clearly not a Good
> Thing, even if some border was intentional by default.  If so, it
> should be on all four sides, and consistent in size.

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