Another wish-list item - a tweak to browsers docs-visited list

I see that (like most browsers), Amaya keeps a list of places the user
browsed to (recently).

However, because Amaya is also an EDITOR, it would be cool if its list of
docs could distinguished 'just visited' links from links (docs) that the
user had actually

Here's how I think it could/should work:  Links actually edited would be
(or be shown in some different color or whatever).

Though I've not looked at the code, I'd think it should be fairly easy to
documents had actually been modified from those only browsed.

(Of course, there could even be other 'criteria' for distinguishing docs
than just
'modified', but you get the idea.)  Another related idea is how some apps
the 'path' to last document edited, and default to that, etc, etc.  Whatever
implemented should preserve the already-existing notion of 'home' page, so
it seems that just somehow 'marking' such distinctions in the 'history' list
be a consistent way to go.

Hope this is feasible and can be implemented.



Received on Tuesday, 10 August 2004 15:58:36 UTC