Re: internal table-of-contents section in an html document

This feature is now available in the CVS base. A new command
in the Edit menu allows you to genrate a table of contents.
This feature will be available in the next release scheduled for
the next month.


On Tue, 10 Aug 2004 11:00:05 -0400 "David Cook" <> wrote:
> I'm a new (novice) user of Amaya.  I really LIKE what I see so far!
> Ok.  I notice that Amaya can do a 'view' called a table of contents.  It
> appears it creates that view from a hierarchy of <h1>...<hN> tags or
> something like that.
> I also notice that a certain subset of W3C pages actually CONTAIN an
> embedded table-of-contents (toc) near the top of the doc, and that one can
> then
> navigate thru such a large document either serially OR by clicking selected
> items in the 'toc'.  Very cool.
> So, before I go off and try writing some Java code to implement a program
> that
> could actually auto-generate and insert such a navigatible 'toc', I figured
> we should
> discuss the notion here a bit first.  The embedded 'toc' that I see, for
> instance, in
> looks like it was 'generated' somehow, since all the anchors contain those
>     #Lnnn
> style references.  It would be do-able for a program, using XML (i.e.
> requiring the input to
> be XHTML), to compute line numbers and thus automate the process of creating
> the toc
> and to produce a new XHTML file with the generated 'toc' embedded at some
> desired location
> within the document.
> So, my question becomes: Are there any [free] programs already out there
> that do something
> along these lines?  (I don't like re-inventing wheels that already exist.)

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