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thoughts on new document Aaron Swartz (Friday, 28 June)

Outline of the RDFCore documents Brian McBride (Friday, 28 June)

New RDF document Jeremy Carroll (Friday, 28 June)

TEST: literals Jos De_Roo (Friday, 28 June)

Proposal for closure of rdfs-xml-schema-datatypes Patrick Stickler (Friday, 28 June)

*。。連鎖超商邀你加盟。。* kk@w3.org (Thursday, 27 June)

literals, again. pat hayes (Thursday, 27 June)

Agenda for telecon 2002-06-28 Brian McBride (Thursday, 27 June)

weekly call for agenda items Brian McBride (Wednesday, 26 June)

Fwd: XML Protocol WG's Last Call for Review of SOAP 1.2 Brian McBride (Wednesday, 26 June)

datatypes message - draft 2 Brian McBride (Wednesday, 26 June)

Issue list Graham Klyne (Wednesday, 26 June)

rdfms-syntax-incomplete Jeremy Carroll (Wednesday, 26 June)

Minutes of F2F Meeting 17/18 June 2002 Brian McBride (Tuesday, 25 June)

literals, language, xml Jan Grant (Tuesday, 25 June)

Syntax: id symbol expansion Jeremy Carroll (Tuesday, 25 June)

MT RDFS closure rule bug? Jeremy Carroll (Tuesday, 25 June)

Update of new RDF document Graham Klyne (Monday, 24 June)

procedure for determining reserved vocab R.V.Guha (Sunday, 23 June)

Re: Dark triples, current closure / entailment rules, can someone clarify? Graham Klyne (Friday, 21 June)

Outline for new RDF document Graham Klyne (Friday, 21 June)

Draft datatypes message Brian McBride (Friday, 21 June)

no rdfcore teleconference scheduled for today 2002-06-21 Eric Miller (Friday, 21 June)

regrets Patrick Stickler (Friday, 21 June)

Cannes entailment, a question: Jan Grant (Thursday, 20 June)

Regarding my recent post: inquiry.txt Patrick Stickler (Thursday, 20 June)

Relationships between terms, statements and schemas and proper application behavior Patrick Stickler (Thursday, 20 June)

<s,l,x>-literals considered harmless Jan Grant (Wednesday, 19 June)

Dark triples, current closure / entailment rules, can someone clarify? Jan Grant (Tuesday, 18 June)

from patrick: inquiry.txt Brian McBride (Tuesday, 18 June)

aside notes re rdfms-assertion Dan Brickley (Tuesday, 18 June)

from Patrick Brian McBride (Tuesday, 18 June)

grahams rdfms-assertion text Brian McBride (Tuesday, 18 June)

rdfs schema / namespace update Dan Brickley (Tuesday, 18 June)

regrets Ronald Daniel (Monday, 17 June)

[w3c-rdfcore-wg] <none> patrick.stickler@nokia.com (Monday, 17 June)

超值雙組合=駭客技術加新名單 CQ3FGodB0zRUMuHJjOcbS ezgo@w3.org (Sunday, 16 June)

Pre-F2F bar chat Graham Klyne (Saturday, 15 June)

datatyping unstaked patrick hayes (Friday, 14 June)

Agenda for RDFCore Telecon 2002-06-14 Eric Miller (Friday, 14 June)

the idea of a 'reserved' vocabulary patrick hayes (Friday, 14 June)

Issue list status Brian McBride (Thursday, 13 June)

Issue faq-html-compliance Dave Beckett (Wednesday, 12 June)

weekly call for agenda items Eric Miller (Wednesday, 12 June)

Summary and some analysis: New Semantics Initiative Brian McBride (Wednesday, 12 June)

namespaces as punctuation, was: new semantics initiative Jonathan Borden (Wednesday, 12 June)

Re: help wanted: RDF issue rdfms-assertion Tim Berners-Lee (Tuesday, 11 June)

new semantics initiative patrick hayes (Sunday, 9 June)

RDFCore WG minutes for the Telecon 2002-06-07 Dave Beckett (Friday, 7 June)

Datatypes at F2F Patrick Stickler (Friday, 7 June)

WebOnt WG response to RDF Schema Working Draft (fwd) Dan Brickley (Friday, 7 June)

Re: refining closure text for rdfs-isDefinedBy-semantics Dan Brickley (Friday, 7 June)

rdf:Description & test cases Jeremy Carroll (Friday, 7 June)

Regrets - and item 9 graph, Re: Agenda for RDFCore WG Telecon 2002-06-07 Jeremy Carroll (Friday, 7 June)

Agenda for RDFCore WG Telecon 2002-06-07 Eric Miller (Friday, 7 June)

session 8 changed Brian McBride (Thursday, 6 June)

Comments on datatyping draft Graham Klyne (Wednesday, 5 June)

f2f agenda Brian McBride (Wednesday, 5 June)

RDF Core F2F Registration Eric Miller (Wednesday, 5 June)

weekly call for agenda items Eric Miller (Wednesday, 5 June)

f2f suggestions Jeremy Carroll (Monday, 3 June)

Re: Fwd: Actions/Decisions from RDFCore WG Telecon 2002-05-31 Jos De_Roo (Saturday, 1 June)

datatyping revised draft patrick hayes (Saturday, 1 June)

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