Regrets - and item 9 graph, Re: Agenda for RDFCore WG Telecon 2002-06-07

I am sorry I will not be able to attend this afternoon.

Vis-a-vis item 9

9: Definition of graph syntax

Discuss Jeremy's proposal.

I suspect editorial and style type issues require my presence.
There are three substantive issues of which I would hope at least two are
wholly non-controversial. The meeting chair may choose to see whether any of
these can be closed.

A) unattached nodes in RDF graphs

Propose: an RDF graph does not contain any nodes except for those that are
subject or object of some triple.

B) property uri-refs

Propose: the predicate of an RDF triple can be any uri ref.

C) character model and XML Literals

Propose: XML literals in RDF have no character model confromance
requirements other than those imposed by the version of XML used in the

[[ This is fairly weak since then a graph read in from XML 1.0 cannot
necessarily be written out in XML 1.1.

All three of these are represesented in the text I have shared.

Given that both Brian and I will be absent, Brian's further suggestions
about namespaces, schemas and properties will probably need discussing some
other time; so (B), while probably agreeable, needs to remain open.


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